Kamis, 16 Juli 2015

Lirik Lagu Beatles (The) ~ If I Fell

Lirik Lagu_kunci Beatles (The) ~ If I Fell

If lirik_I Fell In Love artis_With You
would You Promise To Be True
and Help Me Understand?
'Cause I'Ve Been In Love Before
And kord_I Found That lagu_Love Was More
Than lirik_Just Holding Hands
If I lagu_Give My Heart_kunci To You,
I Must Be Sure
From The Very Start
That You,
Would Love Me More artis_Than_chord Her
If lirik_I Trust In You kord_Oh Please,
Don'T Run And Hide
If I lagu_Love artis_You_chord Too Oh Please
Don'T Hurt My Pride artis_Like Her,
'Cause I Couldn'T kord_Stand The_kunci Pain
And I,
Would Be Sad If Our lirik_New_kunci Love,
Was In Vain
So I Hope kord_You See That I,
Would Love lirik_To Love You,
And That She Will Cry
When kord_She Learns We Are Two.
If artis_I Fell In Love With You

Rabu, 15 Juli 2015

Lirik Lagu Beatles (The) ~ Flying

Lirik lagu_Lagu lagu_Beatles (The) ~ Flying


Lirik Lagu Kid \'N Play ~ Bill\'s At The Door

Lirik Lagu Kid 'N Play ~ Bill's At The Door

[the J.b.'S] (pass The Peas, Pass The Peas, Pass The Peas...)

[verse 1: Play]
I Used To Break My Back Everyday, Totin Boxes In A Factory
Overworked, Underpaid, Was A Fact For Me
But I Had To Get The Money Right
Cause The Money Was Tighter Than A Skirt On A Hooker
Then I Took_chord A Look Around
Seen My Friends Drivin_kunci Benzes, Gettin Paid
(alright, Everybody, Get Your Hands Up Over Your Head And Nobody Move!)
...until The Drug Raid
Oh Well, I Rather Be Broke, That Was A Easy Decision
My Mission Was To Make Dough, Not End Up In Pris on
But I'M Still In A Helll Of My Own
Bill Collectors Won'T Leave Me The Hell Alone
They Just Cut Off lirik_The Telephone
They Send Me Nasty Letters At Home
Sayin That They lirik_Wanna Sue, Cause My Payments Are Due
Yo, Didn'T I Just Finish Payin You?
All These Payments, Madness And Mayhem
Gotta Go To Church And Say Aaaa-men
God, Help Me Pay Them!
Now I'M Sure You'Ve Heard This Story Before
(knock-knock) Who Is It?
(knock-knock) Who Is It?!
Bill'S At The Door

(kid 'N Play) (pass The Peas) [repeated]

[verse 2: Kid]
I Know It Look kord_Like I'M Livin In The artis_Lap Of Luxury
But I Can'T Function, Bee
I Need Hot Water And Heat To Take A Bath
My High-top Fade Trimmed, So kord_I Don'T Look Like A Psychopath
But Half The lirik_Time, While I'M Scramblin lirik_And Gamblin To Pay The Rent
I'M Livin Day By Day artis_And Cent artis_By Cent
By The lagu_End Of The Week My Knees Feel Weak, My_kunci Money Is Spent
And Still Haven'T Paid The Rent
I Need A Raise, But Now I Need A Place To Stay
I Need A lirik_Bank Account That I_kunci Can Count On
With A Decent Amount In It
That I Can'T Count On My Fingers
I kord_Wanna Live Like Those Rappers And Singers
Hm - I'Ll Rap A Little, Maybe I'Ll Fiddle With That
Anything Is Better Than Breakin My Back
So Many Headaches, Now I'M Askin For artis_Aspirine And More Pills
Damn, More Bills
There'S Gotta Be A Brighter Day, A Better Way, Well, Anyway
I Can'T Take It No More
(knock-knock) Who Is It?
(knock-knock) Who Is It?!
Bill'S At The Door

(kid 'N Play) (pass The Peas) [repeated]
(...now Everybody Say)

[sadat X] (pete Rock_chord From The Vernon)

[ver se 3: Kid